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we design interiors


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Design Studio

we design interiors


we implement


professional drawings


compare prices


individual calculation

Дизайн-студия интерьера


We provide only thoughtful drawings and high-quality architectural supervision! Gained valuable experience over 15 years.

In a design project, not only the idea of the interior is important, but also the technical side of the entire repair. It is not so difficult to come up with an interior when there is sufficient experience in your favorite business. But not everyone can follow the technical part from the beginning of design to the completion of construction.

To get acquainted with the work of the PRO Interior Design design studio, you can see examples of drawings, stages of work and finished projects in the "PORTFOLIO" section.


We think over the drawings and monitor the construction!

To implement a beautiful interior, a detailed development of the technical part of the project is required.

Look The PORTFOLIO with the stages of work is here.


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Without a project it is very difficult:

think over layout options, taking into account all the technical, stylistic and architectural features of the space

take into account and agree on the opinions of all family members

determine the location of the necessary furniture, taking into account the dimensions and distance from each other

calculate the exact amount of tiles, paint, cornices, moldings, parquet, skirting boards and make the correct layout

consider ceiling drops above cabinets and for air ducts

prepare walls for installation of built-in furniture, platbands, window sills, window frames

avoid mistakes in the work of builders and contractors

The project will help:

calculate construction estimates and the budget for the complete set

decide on the style of the future interior

take everything into account with the help of a questionnaire before starting the project

get a professional repair team

order engineering projects

see what the design idea will be

control the quality of work performed by contractors

realize the plan with minimal time and effort

And many many others...


Repair without errors

We meet deadlines

We know all

We lead the object

We think over 3d


1. Fill out a brief questionnaire.

We are preparing a technical task.

2. We discuss styles.

We listen to your dreams and ideas.

3. We look at the object.

We take measurements and photographs.

4. We draw layouts.

We develop style and concept.

5. We select finishing materials.

We choose furniture, lamps, plumbing, etc.

6. Create realistic 3D.

We collect working documentation.

7. We consider the full estimate.

We are getting acquainted with the construction team.

8. We control the progress of the repair.

We help and answer questions.


They sew an estimate with cunning manipulations with a 40% lower price.

During the construction process, invoices are issued for additional work, and you have no right to refuse under the contract!

TIP: there is no designer renovation for an interior project cheaper than 40,000 ₽ per m2.


Designers promise a beautiful and stylish design interior.

The sense of taste has nothing to do with technically correct documentation, and they will not help you on supervision!

TIP: higher education of performers is important, without an Architect the project is useless.


The contract with the design bureau and the construction company is very "muddy".

A huge number of legal formulations obliges you to be responsible for everything financially!

TIP: read the contract, if you see a fraud, then do not work with them.


Designers provide author's supervision on their own terms.

Without author's supervision, you don't need an interior design project, it's a "cat in a poke"!

TIP: plan a budget for author supervision and sign an agreement to the contract for it.


They promise to comply with deadlines during the project and repair.

Everyone is working in parallel, so without optimized processes you lose money!

TIP: choose a company with modern technologies and more automation.



A young man from the residential complex "GREEN ALLEYS"

As they say, the taste and color... I really liked the design project. In the end, it turned out that I am completely satisfied. Initially, I argued a little and tried to insist on my own, but then I realized that designers are professionals and are absolutely right in their ideas. I am entrusted with my apartment, and the guests envy me! Thanks!




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